What Is My Flesh, And How Do I Fight Against It?

(Including thoughts from Romans 7:7-8:17)

Lord God, Savior and King and Redeemer and Lover, fill us with truth. Shine Your light in our hearts, God, both mine and all of our listeners and readers, that we may know Your goodness and be able to perceive in our deepest being how good You are to us, and how incredibly, undeniably, astronomically sinful we are. It takes Your hand to do this, Father, not my words. Come do this now, we ask of You. May we delight in You, God. In Jesus’ blessed name, Amen.

I’m glad you’re with me--thank you so much for listening and reading with us. I’ve been looking forward to this teaching for some time now because I feel the weight of what we’re going to talk about today.

Today, Church, I’m here to convince you that you are not in control of yourself, that all of your major life decisions, if they were not made in the Holy Spirit, were made by an alien force residing inside of you, which is not you and yet thoroughly and totally controls you. That’s what the Bible says. And I want to show you when, in your day-to-day life, this force manifests itself, and what that looks like, so you can fight against it.

Does that sound light, fluffy, easy, and fun to y’all? This isn’t gonna go down smooth, you know? This isn’t like the Kid’s Cold Remedy that’s bubblegum flavored that’s still a little gross, but there’s that fake sugar in it, so you can choke it down. No, this is the stuff you get straight from the doctor. It’s nasty. It tastes like he peed in it. This is the biblical equivalent of prescription cough syrup.

But this teaching is so important. It really is. This is gonna be a long teaching today, but it’s clear throughout the New Testament that Paul obviously wanted his hearers to know exactly what the flesh was and how to spot it in their life, so Church, stay with me and listen or read prayerfully all the way to the end.

And get ready to gulp some pain juice, because it’s coming.

So I’m going to start out with seven examples, because I know you’re gonna relate to at least one of these. For me, honestly, I relate to all of ‘em. This is my dirty laundry I’m airing for y’all now. And all of these examples are negative--these are all examples of the flesh taking us over or influencing us in a sinful way, so view them in that negative light.

First one:

A husband comes home after work, flops down on the couch, and turns on the TV. He’s exhausted. It’s been a hard day. His wife comes into the room covered in stains and sweat and followed by three small kids. She asks him if she can take a break and he can watch the kids for a while. Looking at the way her eyes are only half open and there are big black bags underneath them, the man is filled with anger toward her for her weakness.

Second one:

A girl is sitting in a cafe waiting for a friend to arrive. She is watching music videos on her phone. She sees the singers, these beautiful, gorgeous women with perfect singing voices parading around the stage, getting millions of views and positive comments lavished on them. She wonders if they have the same problems she has. She is filled with a longing to be like them, apparently perfect. If only she could be as beautiful and talented as they are, then she would be worth something.

Third one:

A Mom is walking through a bedtime routine with her kid. It’s been a long day, and the Mom has already told her boy, “Listen to me well tonight, because I’m really tired. Okay? I need you to listen and obey me quickly because I want to go to bed fast.” But every time she asks him to brush his teeth, he finds something else to talk about or something else to show her or another game to play with one of his siblings. After the fourth time he gets distracted, she explodes on him, screaming at the top of her lungs for him to get his teeth brushed and get his butt upstairs now and if he doesn’t listen again he’ll have no screens for a millenium.

Fourth one:

In the evenings, you normally relax before bed with a couple of light YouTube videos. One day, work or school was outrageous. I mean outrageous. You had to spend eight hours stapling papers together, or your boss dogged you on a mistake you made all day long, or you bombed a major test and you spent all day fearful that you’d flunk out of college. Man, nothing is as exhausting as fear! So you flip open your iPad and you open up YouTube, but nothing shows up. Your internet is out. You reset the router, but nothing. No internet at all. You lay back in bed, and self-pity comes over you like a tidal wave. You start to wonder if God is persecuting you, out to take away the things you enjoy so that you’ll just shape up, get your dang act together, and stop sinning.

Fifth one, stay with me guys, we’re nearly there:

A Christian is praying, and in the middle of his prayer, he feels a powerful conviction surge through him that one of his friends is a liar, and God is speaking to the Christian about this guy’s sin. The Christian prays for his friend, but the conviction just gets stronger and stronger until the Christian feels he will have no peace at all until he goes and accuses his friend.

Sixth one:

Another Christian is praying, one who became a believer a short time ago. As he prays, he feels a powerful impulse to preach. He prays into the urging, but it only gets stronger and stronger, until he feels compelled to speak to his pastor about sharing/ teaching with his church body.

Seventh one:

A Christian spends all day at work, as she was asked to do by her boss. After her work hours are done, she returns home, tired. In the car on the way home, she wonders if she should listen to Christian music on her iPhone instead of the radio, but she shrugs it off. When she gets home, she lays on the couch and loads Netflix. She wonders if she should read her Bible instead. Doesn’t God love people who read their Bibles more than people who relax? And she’s heard sermons about refusing worldly pleasures to be with God. But she’s so tired, she fights off the thoughts. After two episodes of her favorite show, she makes a quick dinner for herself and turns on her computer to play a video game. She wonders again if God would love her more, if she would be a more valuable Christian, if she spent the time reading the Bible instead. She sighs, turns off the computer, and gets out her Bible, where she bores herself with the Psalms for thirty minutes to get her guilty conscience off her back.

Now, half of y’all are nodding your heads, and the other half are like, “Woah bro, slow down! You’re calling out two Christians in prayer now, and a girl reading the Bible? That’s friendly fire! Go after the other guys, not the guys in white!”

But I’m telling you that Christianity is a battle over your desires. That’s what true religion is, where the battlegrounds are. Satan wants you to love the world, God wants you to love Him. That’s the battle. So when we talk about the desires of the flesh, you need to be aware that your flesh is often going to attack you through your religious practices in order to turn you away from God and towards yourself. You feel me there? The spiritual forces against you want you to hate prayer because you hear the wrong messages, so you think God is crazy or too hard to hear or you think you aren’t holy enough to hear Him well. Our enemies want you to hate the Bible because it’s boring and it makes you feel guilty. You with me? None of that is truth--God is able to speak to you a million times more clearly than your flesh, and the Bible is fascinating and it will fill you with joy.

I’m gonna run through these really quickly because this teaching is already way too long, so stay with me. In the fifth example, listen to me guys, the proper response to a sin issue in someone else’s life is not to go get a pitchfork. Right? But that’s what the flesh is going to command us to do--to get harsh, to get loud about it, to get in their face and demand change on the spot. But what does the Spirit of God lead us to? Clear, gentle, loving conversation and encouragement. It’s not like all we say all the time is ‘You’re awesome and I still love you no matter what you do,’ because that’s not Christianity. But we also understand that we don’t have the authority to issue a command to their soul to live, and they live. Right? God commands us to live, and His Word makes life in us--but we don’t command others to live, and they obey. Instead, we love and pray and pray and pray for them.

For the sixth example, the new believer who feels the need to preach, I have a general rule which is not in Scripture but that I follow in my own life: If you hear something from the Holy Spirit that glorifies you, run screaming. You hear me now? Run screaming. If you feel something in the Spirit that elevates you to a position where you feel you’re a better Christian, or people look at you more, or you get praise from that situation, then you should tell your mentor and understand that that is probably not from God--it’s probably your flesh trying to steal you from Jesus. Becoming an overseas missionary, preaching, writing a book, writing music, leading a small group or a prayer group, all of these good things can be deadly to you if they aren’t from God. Listen to me, guys: Wait for the Lord to bring those things to you, like David waited for the Kingdom from Saul--gently, without manipulation, patiently. Don’t take them with your own hands. If God has given you a gifting, that’s great! He will use it in its time. You don’t have to make that happen.

For example number seven, the one about the Christian who feels guilty about not doing enough for God, I already hit this earlier so I won’t hash everything through again, but just hear this: Out of all the Christians in the world, God comes to you individually in the Holy Spirit when you seek Him. You hear me there? Amen to that? He comes to you one-on-one. He spends time with you as an individual. He gives you His Presence freely and graciously, when He gives it. So, on the same vein, He doesn’t want you to come because you’re guilted into it--He wants you to come joyfully, with a full, eager heart. He loves you individually, and you couldn’t earn that even if you tried--so don’t try! Don’t feel like you have to earn God’s Presence through disciplines. You can’t, not by reading the Bible more, not by praying more, not by sharing the Gospel with that guy on the bus, not by feeding homeless people. Instead, come to God to enjoy Him.

So here’s the bottom line, child of God: Prayer is a highly emotional act, as is reading the Bible. These things bring us in contact not only with God, but with our own hearts. So don’t be surprised when your heart tries to deceive you through prayer (Jer. 17:9). Right? It’s gonna happen, guaranteed. You’re gonna hear some message in your flesh about condemning another Christian, or about elevating yourself to a teaching position or recording a worship album or accusing some brother or sister about their sin, and in reality, those things are your flesh trying to glorify you. Trying to raise you up and earn praise for yourself. You with me? I’m telling you this so that when it happens, you can know what’s happening.

And if you’re cringing right now because there’s something in your life that you thought was God and now you’re like, “Ehhhhh, I don’t know anymore,” then stay with me. Finish the message. I’ll talk at the end about what we need to do to hear God rightly.

Now, what’s the theme between all of these stories? I’ll tell you: It’s that these people didn’t have control over their emotions. All of them were bombarded with things they didn’t want to feel. The man didn’t want to get mad at his wife--he knows she’s tired, he’s tired too. The logical answer to that situation is, you know what, yeah, let’s take turns resting, great idea sweetie. But anger filled him and commanded him to lose control.

The student didn’t want to feel like she was dirt compared to these superstars. And is there any truth in what she’s feeling, folks? Are those people’s lives better than the student’s? No! Of course not! They’re probably worse, given the horror stories we hear from celebrities who have lost their lives due to their success, been so disillusioned by the false promises of wealth and fame and power that they committed suicide or wrecked their lives with drugs. But the student was not able to see past the lie of her emotions and turn her heart to a better path using rational thought. Envy had taken hold of her, had taken her prisoner.

The Mom in the third example didn’t want to chew out her kid, that’s not what she was planning on doing. She’d even warned him, “Look, I’m weak tonight. Be careful around me because I’m not on my game.” She was trying to get through the night without doing anything she’d regret. But when the kid didn’t listen and kept rocking the boat, anger invaded her.

And it’s the same in the fourth example, which is a particularly potent one because this one affects how we see God. Right? You with me there? When we’re tired, and we see that our favorite avenue of physical rest is not available to us, we can sometimes be filled and controlled by self-pity, and we start to think that God is singling us out for discipline or for judgment because we haven’t given Him enough effort to please Him. You see that? I’ve seen people get their entire spirituality wrapped up in this situation, where they believe they’ll only get good things if they are good. And, for some of them, the root of that sinful belief is in self-pity. “Oh, woe is me, God hasn’t made my life perfect and easy, so I need to work harder, and He’ll bless me.” That sort of thing is a lie from the blackest pit of Hell, guys.

Listen to me: You can identify a man going to Hell if he believes that God will save him because he tried to be good on Earth. That’s the belief that makes you a log in hellfire. It’s from the flesh. The Bible says this in Ephesians 2:8-9, when it says that salvation is by grace through faith and not as a result of works. God will not bless your good deeds on Earth done apart from Him and the love of Him (Gal. 3:2-3, 1 Cor. 13:3). God only blesses those who seek to love Him by being transformed in the Holy Spirit. Doing good things on Earth without the Holy Spirit is self-worship--it’s making yourself look better, not glorifying God.

So in these four examples, what I’m trying to get you to see is that these people were all controlled by something that sprang up within them that they did not want. Do you see that? None of them wanted to sin, they just did. It came from inside them somewhere.

Now, Church, if I tell you to move your left arm and you move it, I feel pretty confident saying that you have control over your left arm. Okay? But if I tell you to rejoice and you can’t, or to love on command and you can’t, or to be sad and you can’t, then I feel pretty confident saying that you do not have control over your emotions and your desires.

I want to walk through this point slowly with you, because it’s a radical shift for some of us. But we really can’t tell ourselves to feel things all the time, consistently, forever, on command. And yet, that’s what it means to have control over something. It isn’t that we sometimes tell it what to do. It’s that we are always the master of it. That’s control.

Now, we can simulate some emotions some of the time. You with me there? Like, if you lock yourself in a bright red room and blast metal music for a week, then you’re going to tend towards anger because of the stimuli you’ve surrounded yourself with. But that isn’t control, that’s influence. You’re influencing yourself, but you’re not showing perfect control over yourself. As evidence of this, if you were to walk out of that room and I told you immediately to rejoice, you probably couldn’t. (Or maybe you could, because you’d be so happy to get out of such a miserable room, but you take my point--you would tend towards anger, and would be unable to rejoice whenever you wanted to. You are not in control.)

Now, the Bible makes something clear: It says that we are always being controlled by something. There is never a point in the Bible where someone is just on his own, in a neutral state. It doesn’t happen. You’re either being controlled by God, or by the forces of sinful flesh and Satan (Rom. 6:16-19).

So if you don’t have control of your emotions and desires, and I mean you, right now, you sitting in your chair listening to this teaching, then who does? Either your flesh or the Holy Spirit. All of the people in the examples I just told were being controlled by the flesh. Okay? All of them. The two guys who were praying, the girl who felt guilty about reading the Bible, all of them.

Let’s process this, guys. That means that, for most of us, the vast majority of our life has been spent in the flesh, hostile to God. Right now, are you being consumed by something in your life? Are you struggling with buying something again and again, and you just can’t stop wanting to buy something? Do you feel guilty, as if you aren’t doing enough to please God? Are you noticing thoughts of arrogance as they pop into your head, and you just can’t stop thinking about your value and comparing that to what you think of other people’s value? Are you sometimes inflamed with lust, or filled with the desire for violence in your anger? All of these are indications that right now, you’re in the flesh. You are being pressured by sinful desires living in you.

Take a moment to pause and think through your life and I want you to identify an area where you’re being commanded to do something by sin.

So what do we do? Now, it’s time to get to the good news: You are not controlled by sin if you’re in Christ Jesus today. You hear me? You are not controlled by sin if you’re in Christ Jesus today. When you believed, God filled you with the Holy Spirit, and that meant the flag on the capital building of your heart went from black to white as snow. You are now God’s possession, and not owned by the flesh. The flesh no longer forces you to obey anything it commands you to do.

Some of you are like, “Hallelujah, praise God!!” But others are like, “Cool, but what does that actually mean in real life?” And if you’re like me, you’re in both camps at the same time.

So let’s check out Romans 8:5-6: For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit. For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.

This is a blueprint for us of how we are to live as Christians. In order to resist sin and conquer our flesh, we have to set our minds on the things of the Spirit, which means to fill our time with things like prayer, Bible study, reading great devotional books, worshipping to awesome worship music, hanging out with godly people, and talking to people who don’t know God about the blessing of Jesus. There’s even more than that that we can do to focus on God--these are just examples (Col. 3:1-2).

Now guys, I want to be clear: The point of Christianity is to be totally brainwashed into loving Jesus all the time (Eph. 4:14-19). Okay? The point is to beg Him to cause you to want Him more than anything else in your life. You were meant to be completely, insanely, head-over-heels in love with God, just like you could be in love with any woman or man on Earth. Being in love with someone on Earth means you want to be with them, you want to talk to them, you want to talk about them, you never get enough of them. Being in love with God is the same thing.

Now there are folks in the audience, I know there are, who are like, “Slow down man, I’m not ready to be a Christian zombie lurking in church pews oozing Bible verses.” So hear me on this: When we devote ourselves to loving God more than anything else, what we get out of the equation is pleasure in God. That’s our side of the deal. It’s actually a selfish move. What we get is eternal pleasure and joy and peace. We do all that we do because of the joy set before us, and not to appease some God who requires us to sacrifice a bird by tearing it in half and burning it on an altar--it’s not boring or distasteful or miserable like that. God commands us to love Him so that we would experience pleasure in Him, because we were made for that. And I want you to hear that word, pleasure, because a lot of times we think of that word in a dubious context in our generation. You know? We think of it sometimes in a sexual or otherwise sinful context.

And, you know what? I don’t think that’s really a bad thing for this example, I think it may even make it more understandable. Let’s try this out: Is alcohol pleasurable? Does it feel good to get buzzed? God is more pleasurable, because He fills you with a joy that produces love for others in you, rather than selfish enjoyment. (Ps. 16:11)

Is sex pleasurable? Does it make you feel good? God is more pleasurable because He fills the deepest part of your soul, and His joy is eternal. He never makes you feel used or empty or abused. (Ps. 107:9)

Is gossip pleasurable, is it fun to talk about other people’s problems and relish how much better your situation is? God is more pleasurable, because His strength allows you to serve those people with your life, and His Presence in you whispers to you that He knows you and loves you individually.

Here’s the point, guys: There is no tension between God getting what He wants for your life, and you getting what you want for your life, because what you really want is God, and what He wants for you is Himself. You both want the same thing. You will be satisfied, quieted by His love, filled with joy, and He will rejoice over you with singing.

And how do we get there? We need to set our minds on Him. Read the Bible, study the Bible deeply, read great theologians, worship, pray alone, pray with others, spread the Gospel, live your ordinary, mundane life as an offering of praise to the Lord of Hosts. And what’s the first step of that? We beg God to fill us with love for Him so that we want to do that, and it’s not a burden, but a joy.

This means spending your time trying to cultivate desire and delight in God. It may mean you change your hobbies away from good things that leave you feeling empty when it isn’t time to rest, like games or novels or whatever, towards better things that fill you with the Spirit, like Bible study or prayer walks or whatever.

But I need to add something onto this, because a teaching like this can be a huge source of guilt for some people. You know what I mean? It can be a prison cell. They can hear ‘devote all your time to God’ and what comes out of it is a feeling like they’re being haunted, that God is watching them all hours everyday, and if they aren’t constantly focused on Him, they’re sinful and judged. They probably related to my seventh example, with the girl who wondered if she was a bad Christian because she was resting.

To these people, I want you to listen to me: As Christians, we have been set free from the law. I’m not laying down another law on you, saying that you have to worship all the time or you aren’t righteous. There has to be room in your life for humble rest--rest is commanded by the Bible, and the ways that we rest are given to us by God. They’re gifts from Him.

The reason why spiritual disciplines don’t make you more righteous is because they were given as tools to enter you into the Presence of God, and not as a means to deserve God. You get it? I’ll say that in another way: We don’t do Christian things as a way to make God love us more, or earn a better standing, or elevate ourselves above average--we do them for the sheer enjoyment of God, for the exceeding and overabundant and life-changing delight of God, and to reinforce holy desires in our life.

That last point is particularly important, Church, listen to me: When you enter into God’s Presence through a spiritual discipline, you want to enter into God’s Presence more. That thirst is increased. You begin to hunger for God, you look for Him in your life, you start to figure out little ways of meditating on a Bible verse as you drive to work, or listening to a sermon during lunch, or talking about Jesus to a friend where you would’ve been scared to bring it up before--your holy desires are reinforced. They’re strengthened. This is a wonderful thing, and it can gain momentum in your life and lead to you knowing the love of Jesus in a deeper way.

But the quickest way to kill any holy desire is to sin. Sin, in any form, clouds your desire for God. It drowns it out. Your eyes get stuck on the things which are visible, your heart gets attached to the things you can interact with, your spiritual senses are dulled. That’s why sin is poison to you, child of God--your delight and desire is gone, your love is gone.

Listen to me: If you get up in the morning and you open up the Psalms and you’re like, “Man, this is just letters on a page, I wonder how the Mavericks played last night. Did Dez catch a touchdown pass? I hope there’s a sale at Macy’s today,” then examine your life. It’s not always going to be a sin issue, sometimes the Lord just doesn’t immediately give His Presence when we want Him to. But there may be something going on.

Where is your desire? Is it after something in the world? Have you been feeding your soul rich spiritual resources, books, worship albums, interesting things to grow with, or is it the same old stuff every day? Is your conscience nagging you about an apology you need to make, or a goal you need to lay down, or a hope in this world that you’ve turned into an idol? Any sin has the power to drain your love for God like a laptop left unplugged without a sleep setting, you with me? Sin is poison to you.

Now why am I talking about sin right after spiritual disciplines? It’s because the flesh would like nothing more than to take the good things, the holy things, in your life, and use them to destroy your delight and desire in God. Spiritual disciplines can be a huge point of attack for Christians.

I’ll tell you a quick story just to illustrate what we’re talking about now: When I realized these things from the Bible, that the point of our faith is to constantly enjoy God’s Presence, I set out to do that. I was a college student, so I had classes and stuff, but all of my free time, I devoted to God. Praying, worshipping, studying the scriptures, blah blah blah. I had a lot of free time so we’re talking a lot of disciplines here, a lot. (And I know all the college students are like, “No you didn’t have a lot of free time, psh,” but trust me guys, you do. Get married and have a few kids and send me an email how much Netflix time you get then, okay?)

So after a few months of that lifestyle, I had to repent to so, so many people, guys, God especially. I had to fall on my face and beg for forgiveness. You know why? I had become a total Pharisee. I was so arrogant in my spiritual exercises, they had become my worth, and if other people didn’t pray as much as I did, then I was closer to God than them. If they hadn’t memorized as much of the Bible as I had or had as much doctrinal knowledge, I was closer to God than them.

And it didn’t come up in my thinking as a big, blatant thing, like I was thinking all day, “Man, I’m better than this person and that person, geez, why don’t they just figure it out?” No, it was subtle. It was a really small, delicate shift in my thoughts. I found myself giving advice to people all the time who hadn’t asked for it and were my own age. I found myself diagnosing other people’s spiritual lives in my head, like I was Jesus and they were there for a teaching. You know? Sin snuck up on me from behind, where I wasn’t looking, and it snared me.

And you see the sinful root of this: If you do good things, God will give you a better standing than others in His sight. That’s a lie, Church. God does what He wants and we worship Him because of who He is. We cannot force God to give us anything, not even nearness to Him, not even His Presence. God is not a vending machine and we are not important enough to demand good things from His hand because of our rule-abiding behavior. You feel me? Your attitude, instead, needs to be this: I do good things for the joy of God set before me. For joy, and for delight in God.

So, how do we apply these points in real life? Try coming at it like this: Pray for God to give you love and desire for Himself every day and immerse yourself in the Bible, and when His Presence isn’t there and your disciplines feel dead and rote, allow yourself to rest without condemning yourself, because it’s God who produces your godliness.

To boil it down even further, I’m saying this: Do what you want in your life, and rejoice. I mean, don’t sin, ever--I’m not saying you should sin if you want to sin. Don’t do that because God’s Presence will leave you, and you’ll wish you were dead.

But if you want to worship God, worship God. If you don’t want to read your Bible, and you’re only reading your Bible to be a better Christian in your mind, and what you really want to do is go shopping with your friends or watch a football game or whatever, then you need to pray “Oh God, thank You for Your wonderful gifts to me, and renew in me my love for You and turn my desires away from the things of this world,” and then you need to go shopping with your friends or watch a football game or whatever, and relax about it, you know? Do what you want to do. God wants joyful worshippers, not stern ‘godly’ disciplinarians--turn your thoughts away from yourself and repeat praises and thanks to our loving God, that He would allow you to rest.

Continue praying for God to build His love in you, and He will answer you. He’ll come to you. He will, He’s done it for me. But until He comes to you, I want you to enjoy the gifts that God has given you, shopping with your friends or that football game or whatever, I want you to enjoy those with a full heart of joy and peace and give thanks to Him for those from a place of pure, unburdened worship.

This is humble rest, Church, and it’s important. The only day of Creation that was sanctified was the seventh day, the day of rest. Enjoy your rest times.

Okay, we’re almost done. Now, Church, when you feel the desires of the flesh start to command you to do something, the easiest response is to open the Bible. It’s going to happen to you eventually, guaranteed, because even after the Holy Spirit fills you, the battle is still on. So when it happens, remember this: The Bible is your best weapon. Not worship music, not prayer, not fellowship, not confession. All of those things come later. The Bible. When you’re being tempted by the flesh, open the Bible on your iPhone, tablet, a paper Bible if you’re old or a nerd like me, whatever. But the Word of God is our only offensive weapon, Church.

And when you open it, you’re not opening it to study, guys. Because there are two ways to read the Bible, right? A devotional reading and a studious reading, a reading to get head knowledge. What you need in that moment is devotional reading, reading in order to interact with God’s Presence and be filled with the Spirit. So the next time you feel your flesh rising up in you seeking to control your desires, open up God’s Word and resist that sin with truth. You may not feel God’s Presence manifest, but you will be able to resist the sin, if the Holy Spirit truly fills you and you’re truly a Christian. You will be strengthened.

A last little point, I know this message is way too long but it’s a core theological doctrine so whatever: You will still feel temptation in the flesh even if you’ve soaked in the Spirit all day and night for thirty years. Okay? So the goal is not to remove all temptation from your life. It’s not gonna happen. Don’t feel bad when you’re tempted, don’t feel ashamed, don’t isolate yourself. Talk to other people about your temptations. Jesus was tempted, okay? And Jesus obviously told other people about His temptations in the wilderness, or we wouldn’t know they happened, since it was just Him and Satan there. So don’t be ashamed, and find other people to confess to openly. As a Church, a global Christian body, we have to fight our sin together as a team.

That’s all, I’m finally done guys. May all of you live freely, enslaved to the perfect, wonderful God who quiets you by His love.

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