Response to Tensions Between North and South Korea at the Olympics

Holy God, set our eyes upon You. May we know You and You alone as our source of security, as our greatest love and our source of comfort. May You fill us with single-minded desire and devotion to love You and serve You alone. Give us comfort from fear today and give us confidence that all things are under Your authority. We look to You above all else for salvation. In Jesus most honorable name, Amen.

At least one more huge, huge world war is going to come. As Christians, we know that—it’s written in Revelations. It isn’t optional. There’s no way to avoid it. It’s going to come.

Now, I don’t know if we’re close or far from that in history—that isn’t why I’m writing this article. I’m writing instead to encourage you to fix your eyes on Jesus, and to fix your hope on His eternal Kingdom, child of God. Don’t be distracted by the fear around you.

The labor pains of the next cataclysmic world war are frightening things, but you know what isn’t frightening? Eternity with Jesus. God promising again and again that He will wipe every tear from the eyes of His saints in Heaven. God promising victory and safety to His saints, not physical safety meaning we’ll be protected from suffering, but spiritual safety, which is ten million times more important—the safety of knowing that we are His possession, His beloved bride, and He will gather us to Himself successfully in His timing.

I want to call some of you to stop reading or watching the news, if that causes you to fear. You with me now? I stopped reading and watching the news for about three years for exactly this reason—it caused me fear. It pulled me away from God. I doubted whether He could protect me, or if His hand was truly behind world events. I even doubted His goodness many times, when I saw stories of children dying or airplanes crashing.

This indicates a worldly perspective more focused on safety in this life than on the hope of the life to come. Our calling, as Christians, is a calling of tunnel vision—fix your eyes on Jesus alone, and let the dead bury their own dead. So if you need to make a change in your life to do that, pray about it and do it.

For the rest of you, live in the hope of Jesus today. We are not saved to fear. Our love for God casts our the fear of this life, you with me? You will live forever with God, if the Holy Spirit fills you. Trust in that, and not the temporary avoidance of a world war which is certainly coming. What use is delaying the inevitable? But come, Lord Jesus, come.

May you live in the light of God today and be blessed.

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