Responses to World Events Coming

At Cross of Joy, our goal is to preach and teach the Word of God to His Body, and what that depends on more than anything else is application. Teaching without application is wasted time, you with me? So when we examine the Word, application is always our top priority.

But Cross of Joy sits in a weird spot. We are purely online preachers, meaning we have no church body, no congregation, no butts in seats watching us with whom we get to walk through life in between each Sunday. In a sense, this makes our job easier, because it gives us the ability to focus on broad, universal Christian issues every single sermon and avoid getting bogged down in local stuff that only applies to one specific body of believers. But in another sense, it is a weakness of our ministry, because we can’t actually sit with you and talk to you face to face about what’s happening in your life and how to deal with that in a way that stimulates your love for God (unless, of course, you send us an email--we’ll gladly talk with you about anything you’re walking through, if that would help you).

So the way we’re going to navigate this weakness is by addressing certain major world events as they occur and pointing our listeners towards God for hope, reassurance of His love and faithfulness, and a call to commit their hearts to Him more and more in the midst of these events. It’s like the interludes between the prophecies of difficult events to come in Isaiah where God takes a break to interact and reassure His people after a whole bunch of crazy mess has happened. And it sorta makes sense that we would address world issues, right? Because if we don’t have a local flock, then everyone is our flock--the English and Arabic-speaking Christian world is our flock, what tiny percentage of a percentage of them listen and read our writing. So we should address things that pertain to them which are happening now.

These responses will be very short, they will not contain any major doctrine, and they will analyze the event through the lens of biblical principles, meaning, for instance, that after a terrorist bombing, we’re gonna point our readers to the eternal bliss of hope in Jesus, and how that joy is absolutely imperishable. We’ll talk about how this entire world is fading away and will one day be destroyed when Jesus establishes His perfect Kingdom in the new heaven and new earth. We’ll mention why terrorism exists and how people can escape being controlled by the desires of their sinful nature. Finally, we’ll call our readers and hearers to avoid putting their hope on safety in this life. It just isn’t gonna happen, folks. This life is not safe, anywhere in the world, and your hope must rest in Jesus if you will be at peace. Our Kingdom is with God and not here, and so is our treasure.

Now, the temptation in this endeavor is to get sidetracked, right? To start throwing in little political comments that reflect our own views in order to influence the system in some way. Basically to become another news pundit. I mean, we are broadcasters, right? But this is not what we’re here to do. Political views will not be expressed on this website except for those which are clearly and indisputably found in Scripture. There are two of these which we will continue to preach throughout this work.

The first is this: Abortion is undeniably wrong. It is wrong, at any stage of another person’s life, to kill him or her to make your life easier, or so that you’ll have more money, or so that you won’t have to be scared, or because you think you’ll be able to take care of other people better. If God has ordained to bring a person into the world, He will care for them in His way. Do not kill them. Period.

A grey area here is an abortion to save the life of the mother. You know, these are situational. You just have to do what seems like it has the best chance of preserving life, and pray and pray and pray.

The second issue is human trafficking. The Bible is expressly clear that humans are made in the image of God and therefore intrinsically valuable. Treating them as a commodity to be bought and sold is an evil act, and we will write articles to preach that truth and to promote prayer to erase these things from the world.

Finally, this is going to be a frequent theme on these messages, to all of those living in an area where these things exist, please pray about joining your local emergency response team. In this crazy world time, it is absolutely critical that the Church stand and be ready to offer immediate aid when an emergency hits. Get trained in CPR, volunteer as an emergency responder, do whatever you have to do to make sure that when a tragedy hits your area, you are mobilized in the relief effort in some way, and you’re ready to sing the praises of God as you help in the darkest of times. This is an obligation on every child of God listening.

Now may the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, and may you walk in the light today.


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